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See Everyone Soon in Cincinnati!

As the convention is now just over a week away, here is our final pre-convention email to you; there will be emails sent post-convention to wrap things up, but by now we’ve given you a fairly good idea of what to expect during the convention.

If things go as planned.

OK, some final reminders:

  1. Have a safe trip to Cincinnati wherever you are coming from.
  2. Be flexible – things don’t always take place during their scheduled times so just relax and ‘go with the flow’.
  3. Not only do things sometimes not start exactly on time, when they do start sometimes things just go wrong. Have mercy on your convention hosts when this happens – and it will happen!
  4. The extended forecast calls for very warm (89 to 92 degrees F highs) temperatures so when you’re outside stay hydrated.
  5. Pre-convention activities
    • Monday brewery tour – please have lunch prior to the tour. We don’t want any ‘incidents’ involving alcohol-fueled behavior leading to inclusion in the local Police Gazette;
    • Tuesday Kings Island – hats and sunblock, lots of liquids, and mind the bus schedules
    • Wednesday Newport Aquarium – hat, sunblock, and don’t lose your bus tickets
    • Wednesday night Chimp Tent meeting – this is an after-dinner meeting so please enjoy your evening meal prior to the 7PM start. There will be a cash bar available.
  6. Thursday opening reception: light snack trays will be available, but since the reception is only scheduled for between 3-4:30PM, please have your real dinner during the 4:30-7PM break following this event. A cash bar will be available at this reception. Fezzes will be more than welcome.
  7. Thursday evening opening ceremonies: Yet another cash bar will be on hand, and light snacks will be served later in the evening. Wear your fezzes and bring along your Tent banners should you have one. Sit back, watch some fun, make some fun, and make new friends and see new faces. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
  8. Enjoy the silent cinema films to be shown Thurs-Fri-Sat night in the Rookwood Room. These will all have live piano accompaniment.
  9. Enjoy the dealers’ tables in the Rosewood Room; the dealers’ room will be open Thurs-Fri-Sat nights and Sunday afternoon for some last-minute bargains. Note that there is a silent auction of many valuable and collectible items on offer in the dealers’ room, and the silent auction will close when the dealers’ room closes late Saturday night/very early Sunday morning.
  10. Friday morning/afternoon park outing: You’ll wear your convention T-shirt today, and as you enter the bus, take an offered snack and nibble on it to gain strength for the day’s activities; hats and sunblocks are a must. Forecast calls for isolated thunderstorms that day, but so what? Play golf, peewee, cornhole, and join in on the ‘Me And My Pal’ puzzle to see which team puts the puzzle together the fastest! Enjoy the catered lunch (have your provided ticket available) and ice cream for dessert and in-between all this perhaps take part in the group photo.
  11. Friday evening BB Riverboat Cruise: have your provided ticket available and board the riverboat. A cash bar is available, along with a buffet dinner sure to please. Relax, schmooze, enjoy the sights along the banks of the mighty Ohio River of two states (Ohio to the north, Kentucky to the south), and resume your get-togethers with pals old and new.
  12. Saturday Hilton activities:
    • Grand Council Meeting – please attend and make your voice heard should any topics come up that rattle your chain; find out about bids for the next international convention in 2020. All this while behaving yourself.
    • Trivia Contest – all you smarty pants people out there, here’s your chance to prove it.
    • Irv Hyatt talk on Laurel and Hardy in Ohio – learn something useful for a change.
    • An Hour With Randy Skretvedt – the educational opportunities just keep on coming.
  13. Saturday Night Banquet, Costume Party, and Film Fest: where do we begin? Come in fancy dress and enjoy a Hilton banquet, live entertainment, photo booth (and please do take advantage of the photo booth – it’s free and you can take the photos home with you; AND we will post the photos on the convention web site afterwards if you want to see all the photos taken during the evening!), and the non-edible ‘pièce de résistance’ of the evening will be the convention premiere of the restored silent “Battle Of The Century” AND the UCLA-restored version of “Hog Wild”.
  14. Sunday Brunch: bring your appetites, dig in, satiate yourself as we sum up the convention, award prizes, pass the pineapple, and make merry one last time. NOTE: winners of silent auction items please pay by check or cash at this time if you haven’t already done so.
  15. Have a safe trip back home.

And that’s it. There isn’t any more.

We’re here to help if you have any remaining questions so contact us as needed at: [email protected]

Oh, the photo below? No, you’re not seeing spots in front of your eyes. In fact, you can feel like a star on the catwalk or red carpet as you pose in front of the convention logo backdrop!

Much to see and do while in Cincinnati and we want you to have fun doing all of it!

Kind regards,

Cincinnati2018 Convention Committee
Hosted by the Sons of the Desert Oasis no. 279, “The Chimp Tent”
Cincinnati, OH USA