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Convention Update: June 1, 2018


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The convention will be here in less than six (6) weeks and as you plan your time at the convention here are yet more tidbits of information to clog your minds:


If there are any persons representing Tents that would like to submit a presentation bid for the 2020 international convention, please let us know asap. In addition, if you have any audiovisual aids to augment your presentation, please let us know your AV requirements so we can ensure the proper equipment is on hand to screen your informational bid.


Please note that there will not be T-shirts for sale at the convention. If you would like to order a convention T-shirt please do so prior to the convention. See the registration form on the convention web site at https://www.laurelandhardy2018.com for information on ordering T-shirts.


There will be many opportunities to view Laurel and Hardy films at Cincinnati2018 and here is the (tentative) outline of where, when, and what films will be shown during the convention:

  1. In your hotel room: yes, in your hotel room. The Hilton has a closed-circuit TV channel and they have agreed to show Laurel and Hardy films on this channel during the convention. It will not be a 24-hour continuous run of films, but try the station out on a regular basis while you’re sitting around in your room getting ready for the next convention event or going to bed at night or getting up in the morning. You might just like what you see!
  2. Communal film room screenings of Laurel and Hardy movies: those of you wishing to be among an audience to view films can do so at certain times during the convention. Go to the Rookwood Room (4th floor) on Wednesday July 11 between noon-6PM, Thursday July 12 between 9AM-3PM and Saturday July 14 between 9AM-1PM to see screenings of Laurel and Hardy films.
  3. Formal convention activities in the Pavillion Ballroom: on the opening night of Thursday July 12 the silent film “From Soup To Nuts” will be shown with live orchestral accompaniment. On Saturday night July 14 the restored silent film “Battle of the Century” will screen with live keyboard accompaniment followed by the newly restored “Hog Wild”, courtesy of the UCLA Film and Television Archive.
  4. Still want more? OK, you got it. The Laurel and Hardy Silent Cinema will be running on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in the Rookwood Room, starting between 10-10:30PM, there will be Laurel and Hardy 16mm film screenings of silent films, all with live keyboard accompaniment. The schedule, compiled by Bill Furman, looks like this:
    1. ThursdayDouble Whoopee, Two Tars, That’s My Wife, Putting Pants on Phillip
    2. FridayBacon Grabbers, Leave ‘Em Laughing, Should Married Men Go Home?, The Second Hundred Years, We Faw Down
    3. SaturdayLiberty, The Finishing Touch, Their Purple Moment, Wrong Again


June 20 is fast approaching, and this date is the final date for many important convention activities:

  1. Registration – if you have not sent in your registration form and fees by this date you will miss out on the fun. We must have all registrants signed up and fees received by this date.
  2. Saturday night July 14 Hilton banquet – everyone who has registered for the convention should have received notification of the menu items for the banquet. You must have sent in your meal preference by this date or we cannot guarantee that you will receive the menu selection of your choice.
  3. RSVP for the Wednesday evening July 11 Chimp Tent meeting – please let us know (yes or no) if you will be attending this meeting by June 20. The room only holds so many persons and the catered snacks we’d like to provide need to be narrowed down to a specific number!

OK, all for now. We’ll continue to provide additional information and updates until June 20, and then you’re on your own! (not really – contact us at any time if you have any questions!) We hope to see everyone at Cincinnati2018.

Email: [email protected]
Web: https://www.laurelandhardy2018.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cincinnati2018/