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Convention Update: May 19, 2018

“The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky (and Cincinnati) home…”

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Yes, that song has meaning for Cincinnati as Kentucky lies just across the mighty Ohio River; that means when the sun shines bright for the Bluegrass State, it is also shining as well in the Buckeye State. And that shine means a return of the welcome warmth that will envelop you when you’re in the Queen City of Cincinnati in July!

By now each of you who have registered for the convention should have received information about the Saturday night banquet with the request that you return reply your preferred meal option asap but by June 20 at the latest. Miss this deadline and you take a chance that you won’t get the meal selection of your choice – you have been warned (and Ethel will back up this warning, so don’t test her!). If you have NOT received this email about meal choices for the Saturday night banquet please email Karin Thikkurissy as per her contact details on page 2 of the registration form.

June 20 is also the deadline to:

a) register for the convention, a mere 5 weeks from now; and

b) RSVP for the Wednesday evening Chimp Tent meeting

Your prompt attention to this date of June 20 with its details and deadlines will be greatly appreciated not only by the convention committee, but by Col. Finn’s Big Show Circus (and Destructo in particular). Peeping Tom just wants to watch. Watch everyone register for the convention that is!

5-15-18 FB & newsletter pic

5-15-18 FB & newsletter pic

OK, here’s some additional pre-convention preparedness points to ponder (note: start times and duration of activities may change prior to the day but as long as you’re here on the morning of the date(s) of interest, you’ll be “otay”):

Monday July 9 brewery tour: after you’ve had some lunch, depart the Hilton hotel around 12:30-12:45PM and then get ready to sample over 14 locally made craft beers. You’ll ride the private Brew Bus for a guided four hour tour, during which time you’ll receive bottled water and gourmet pretzels, of 4 craft breweries: Taft’s Ale House, Braxton Brewing, Rhingeist, and Christian Moerlein Taproom. You’ll be picked up and dropped off at the hotel (around 5PM). Don’t get spiffed!

Tuesday July 10 Kings Island visit: depart the hotel between 9:00-9:15AM for a short(ish) bus ride up to Cincinnati’s favorite amusement park, Kings Island. Spend the day there on as little and/or as many rides as you like, with lunch on your own, and assuming you survive then board the buses and return to the hotel by 5:00-5:30PM depending on traffic.

Wednesday July 11 visit to the Newport Aquarium and Newport on the Levee: depart the hotel between 9:30-9:45AM and tour the Newport Aquarium which has rare shark rays, a Shark Wall and bridge, Gator Alley, Stingray Hideaway, Penguin Palooza, and much more. Then stay in the area to explore Newport on the Levee, a popular shopping area with a real (Barnes & Noble) bookstore, candy shop, and other unique businesses. Stay for lunch (on your own) at one of the fine restaurants there including Mitchell’s Fish Market, Five Guys, a local favorite Dewey’s Pizza, and many more. Note the great views of the skyline of Cincinnati, especially if you take the river walk.

Although it is planned that the bus will take you back to the hotel at 1:45 pm, if you wish to stay longer or leave earlier, the local TANK -Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky – bus can take you back for $1 (we will provide or reimburse you with any TANK bus expenses incurred). Those who feel like exploring a bit more can perambulate back to the hotel (slightly less than 1.5 miles and a 35-minute walk for most) and take the Purple People pedestrian bridge and sightsee Sawyer Point, where the statue of Cincinnatus resides, the Serpentine Wall, the Banks, and much more on your way back to the hotel. The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame is also right on your path if you’re walking back to the hotel by the way!

Wednesday July 11 Chimp Tent meeting in the evening: the final preconvention activity is of course the Chimp Tent meeting on Wednesday evening beginning at 7PM. Have dinner beforehand and join other convention attendees in getting a head start on the convention. Expect a delicious gumbo of fresh film delicacies put together from the Chimp Tent’s Grand Sheik, Jeff Suess, and mingle and get to know fellow delegates as we prepare to begin the convention the next day.

Thursday July 12 activity start times: for those of you planning to arrive in Cincinnati on this day, please note that tentative start times for convention activities will be 3PM for the reception (until 4:30PM); have dinner on your own after this but be back and in the Pavillion Ballroom and seated for a 6PM start to the formal convention welcome and evening’s entertainment

Will this message ever end you say to yourself? Not yet – on the convention web site there is a page called “Honored Guests” wherein all persons who have registered for the convention are listed. Many individuals are not affiliated with any specific Tents, which is fine. However, if you belong to a specific Tent, which is NOT listed next to your name, please contact us and let us know the Tent name so we can recognize it. Just askin’.

Questions/comments: as always, your Cincinnati2018 convention committee is happy to answer any queries you may have about the convention – Web: https://www.laurelandhardy2018.com Facebook (yes, we’re still on Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/Cincinnati2018/ Email: [email protected]

Thanks for putting up with all these many emails and tons of information. We’re nearly there.

Kind regards,

Cincinnati2018 Convention Committee
Hosted by the Sons of the Desert Oasis no. 279, “The Chimp Tent”
Cincinnati, OH USA