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Convention Update: May 1, 2018


5-1-18 FB newsletter pic

Howdy conventioneers! Here we are now in May already. Congratulations and kudos to those of you who have already registered for the convention! For those of you who have not yet registered but are planning to join in on all the fun in Cincinnati during the week of July 9-15, please note that the LAST day to register is June 20, a scant 7+ weeks from now. Please remember: June 20 is the last day you can register for the convention.

Will you be attending the free Chimp Tent meeting on Wednesday night July 11 at the Cincinnati Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel? If you have not RSVP’d to this event (yes OR no), please do so asap. Even if you’re not planning on attending the convention itself but only want to join us at this Chimp Tent meeting, please RSVP. Ethel is asking nicely; please do her the courtesy getting back to her on this. Please let us know by June 20 if you will or won’t be attending this meeting if you have not already done so! Ethel thanks you.

Other miscellaneous warnings and tidbits:

Soon each of you will receive an email listing the meal choices for the Saturday night costume banquet. Please return your meal choices to us by June 20(there’s that date again!) or else you risk not getting the meal of your choice! Seriously. ☺

Attention all dealers and potential dealers: If you have not already booked your tables for the dealers’ room, please do so toot sweet (and we do mean asap!)!

Don’t forget the Parade Of Tents celebration on Thursday evening – please bring your Tent banner to the convention so you can proudly display it as we highlight the many Tents’ contributions to the meeting. And don’t forget to wear your fezzes!

Over the next few weeks you will also be sent emails containing attachments that will provide you with some information to help you acclimate to your Hilton home base, such as a downtown map and restaurant location guide, history of the Hilton hotel, parking options for the Hilton and other nearby parking locations, etc. Those of you wise enough to have dealers’ tables will also be sent information pertaining to the loading of your materials to get them to either your room or the dealers’ room. Please feel free to print out any of these documents beforehand for your personal use and convenience during the convention.

And finally… a few words about the Friday morning convention picnic:

The attached photo to this note shows Ethel practicing her fine fairway form in the gentlemanly – or simianly in this case – sport of golf. You will have your chance to emulate Ethel (well, if you *really*want to, you can…) at the convention picnic on Friday. But fear not, golfophobics, as you’ll have your chance to shine (or roast, depending on the weather that day!) in other activity options in the park, including either the Peewee Contest or Cincinnati Cornhole Toss or team puzzle-making (as in “Me And My Pal”). As all of this action will undoubtedly make you hungry, our catered Cincinnati cuisine-themed lunch will hit the spot as will the Graeter’s ice cream dessert. It’ll be a busy convention day in the park but one we know you’ll like! Unless you forget to use your sunblock…

Please see the convention web site at https://www.laurelandhardy2018.com. Those of you on Facebook may access the convention page at https://www.facebook.com/Cincinnati2018/ and of course you can always email the convention committee at [email protected]com if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing everybody in Cincinnati in 10 weeks’ time! Thanks to all who are planning to attend.

Kind regards,

Cincinnati2018 Convention Committee
Hosted by the Sons of the Desert Oasis no. 279, “The Chimp Tent”
Cincinnati, OH USA