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Convention Update: March 17, 2018



Don’t blame a faulty timepiece (see photo) for making you late for the upcoming Cincinnati2018 gathering!

For those of you making your travel plans for Cincinnati and the Laurel and Hardy convention, here are some pre-convention and convention times you may wish to remember to ensure you don’t miss any of the fun with a late arrival.

Pre-convention assembly times at the downtown Cincinnati Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel:

Monday July 9: noon for the brewery tour.

Tuesday July 10: 9AM for Kings Island

Wednesday July 11: 9AM for the solarium – er, we mean aquarium visit.

The Wednesday evening Chimp Tent meeting at the hotel will begin at 7PM.


Thursday July 12: the formal convention will begin at 3PM on the 4th floor foyer of the hotel.

Sunday July 15: the convention is planned to end by 1PM but of course you are welcome to stay and schmooze or visit the dealers’ room or just hang out for as long as the Hilton will allow before they begin to throw us out. As a matter of fact, stay in Cincinnati as long as you like until WE throw you out!

Please make your travel plans accordingly and we so look forward to having you join us in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio, USA this summer.

Questions? Email Ethel at [email protected]; she thanks you.

Web site: https://www.laurelandhardy2018.com


Kind regards,

Cincinnati2018 Convention Committee
Hosted by the Sons of the Desert Oasis no. 279, “The Chimp Tent”
Cincinnati, OH USA