Cincinnati, Ohio

Location and North American Road Travel Distances

A nice starting point to your learning curve about Cincinnati in general may be gleaned from the Cincinnati Wikipedia entry. Take particular note of the mention of Cincinnati’s “The Chimp Tent” in the Media and music section of this entry!

Cincinnati is considered to be located in the Midwestern region of the Continental United States. It is on the southwestern border of the state of Ohio on the north bank of the Ohio River, with the state of Kentucky just south of the river, and the state of Indiana just to the west. Please dig out your atlases or do some online geographic sleuthing and you’ll find Cincinnati very easily on any United States map. And, lucky for us, about two-thirds of the American population live within a one-day’s drive of the city.

Now, if we very roughly estimate that our average Sons of the Desert driver can knock off 500 miles in a day (hit the road early!), then take a look to see what parts of North America are within 1000 miles of Cincinnati – a two-day drive:


If you’re still unsure of about how far you might have to drive to come to Cincinnati, according to the website, here are some estimated driving distances to Cincinnati from many cities in North America.

Dayton, OH 54 miles

Columbus, OH 107 miles

Cleveland, OH 250 miles

Knoxville, TN 251 miles

Ann Arbor, MI 253 miles

Detroit, MI 261 miles

Pittsburgh, PA 288 miles

Chicago, IL 294 miles

St. Louis, MO 350 miles

Milwaukee, WI 392 miles

Buffalo, NY 432 miles

Birmingham, AL 464 miles

Charlotte, NC 479 miles

Toronto, ON 490 miles

Baltimore, MD 507 miles

Richmond, VA 514 miles

Augusta, GA 536 miles

Philadelphia, PA 573 miles

Des Moines, IA 586 miles

Kansas City, MO 589 miles

Harlem, GA 592 miles

New York City, NY 639 miles

Topeka, KS 653 miles

Minneapolis, MN  702 miles

Mobile, AL 721 miles

New Haven, CT 741 miles

Hartford, CT 768 miles

New Orleans, LA 808 miles

Montreal, QC 821 miles

Orlando, FL 899 miles

Boston, MA 907 miles

Tampa-St. Pete, FL 928 miles

Dallas, TX 932 miles

Manchester, NH 945 miles

Miami, FL 1122

Denver, CO 1192 miles

Albuquerque, NM 1388 miles

Salt Lake City, UT 1651 miles

Phoenix, AZ 1806 miles

Las Vegas, NV 1939 miles

Mexico City, DF 2,065 miles

San Diego, CA 2159 miles

Los Angeles, CA 2175 miles

Seattle, WA 2328 miles

San Francisco, CA 2385 miles

Vancouver, BC 2498 miles

Panama City, Panama 3888 miles

London, UK are you kidding?

We hope you’ll agree that “Cincinnati 2018” will not be an inconvenient drive for many Sons around the USA and Canada!

People Are Talking About Cincinnati!

“Ohio is rarely thought of as a food destination. But thanks to explosive growth in its restaurant scene (nearly 200 restaurants have opened downtown in the past 10 years), Cincinnati has lots of great dining options.”

USA Today, March 2014

“[W]hile Cincinnati has a somewhat staid reputation, its reality is vibrant … elements of southern charm and northern industriousness, urban zest and small-town friendliness.”

Iowa Gazette, June 2014

“Long known for its industrial past, [Cincinnati] is getting new life from craft breweries, bold new restaurants and a major neighborhood transformed.”

New York Magazine, October 2014

“[Cincinnati] is on a huge upswing, pumping billions of dollars into new development and revitalization. In less than 10 years, the city has transformed itself back into a growing, bustling destination as businesses and residents flock to downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods.”

Miami Herald, September 2013

“Cincinnati is a beautiful city; cheerful, thriving, and animated. I have not often seen a place that commends itself so favourably and pleasantly to a stranger at the first glance as this does.”

Charles Dickens, American Notes for General Circulation

“The inhabitants of Cincinnati are proud of their city as one of the most interesting in America: and with good reason.”

Charles Dickens, American Notes for General Circulation