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Convention Update: August 1, 2017

Synchronize your watches – the time draws near for the official opening of convention registrations! You may begin registering for pre-convention and convention activities, hotel accommodation, T-shirts, and dealers’ tables beginning on:

August 10, 2017!

Registration forms are available on the convention web site at http://www.laurelandhardy2018.com, where additional information and most everything anyone would want to know about the convention may be found.

The full-color awe-inspiring and eminently intriguing convention Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Cincinnati2018/?ref=bookmarks) also contains valuable convention information and (we think) amusing photos pertaining to the convention and potential convention activities. Please continue to also regularly review this page for yet additional information that will exponentially expand your Cincinnati conclave mental database.

On a more, much more, serious note, please see the latest convention video below as it will help you understand what a seriously funny affair the convention will be. It is an 8-minute video in two parts, with the latter part showing just how serious we are in wanting to turn any of your 19th century photographic countenances into 21st century laughs:

We are down to less than one year to convention commencement (no, the convention isn’t graduating – we mean it starts in less than a year!). As we advised was probable, the daily itineraries have already undergone a change:

  • Friday sees a change in that the outdoor picnic and Olympian events (peewee, golf, corn-hole, puzzle-making, etc.) will now take place on this day (instead of Saturday), meaning that Friday now will be an epic outdoor day involving both the park and the riverboat cruise!
  • Saturday will now basically be a hotel day (but we urge you to check out local eateries for breakfast and lunch outside the hotel if you want): the trivia contest, author lecture on Laurel and Hardy in Cincinnati, and Grand Council Meeting will occur earlier on the day (instead of Friday), with the gala costume banquet taking place in the evening. We will update the itinerary grid in the “Itinerary” section of the web site to reflect these changes.

Get ready to register for a wonderful time in Cincinnati. We’re looking forward to hosting all of you “out of town boys” (and girls – and even some locals!) at next July’s festivities. Please contact us ([email protected]) if the FAQ section on the convention web site does not answer any questions you may have.